Monday, August 19, 2013

Student Photo Week

   I have been following along with iHomeschool Network's Not Back to School blog hop and this week is Student Photo Week. We decided to take pictures before daddy went back out for work, so this first one wasn't taken on our literal first day of school.

Here is Katelyn and Noah.

Katelyn is 7 this year and in second grade. She is my vibrant child in every way. She loves to dance and play games on any electronic device. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.
Noah, my little man, is 2. We are "doing" nursery school this year. Noah is a ham, he likes to be silly and turns everything into a game. He likes to do puzzles and play with his train.


Please join us!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our School Area

   Our main school area is a corner in my daughter's room. A corner we are fast outgrowing. We actually school most days at the kitchen table, but all school related items go back here at the end of the day, so we can have our table back for supper. The desk also gives Kk a quiet area to do any studying or homework when her brother is being rambunctious.
   At the beginning of this year (end of our school year) we were able to replace an old shelf and small dresser I was using for books and storage. We bought the shelf at Office Depot and I am so happy we did. We added the cork board, on the left hand wall for Bible. For every unit they have a board display and I wanted to do that. Below that I added a color section for Mr. Noah. We will be trying to learn colors, numbers, and the ABC song this year. The white 3-drawer holds puzzles and a few other items I don't mind him getting into if I'm busy with his sister. The rest is hidden in a red box on the bottom shelf.


   I picked up some magazine holders; nothing fancy for now, and printed off some labels I found. Each holder holds all the books for one to two subjects, including the teacher manuals. All we have to do is grab that subject and bring it to the kitchen table. It has all we need, so no running back and forth for forgotten books. (That happened a lot last year.)
We have our calendar.

And our weather chart.
    We also have a welcome sign, a regular calendar (it came from dad's work so we had to hang it up), and the kid's chore charts and bedtime routine schedule.

 And that's our space.

I am linked up at iHomeschool Network's Not Back to School Blog Hop. Feel free to hop on over and check out more homeschooler's curriculum lineups for this year.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Copy Right!


  I have been seeing a lot going on about copy right laws and workbooks for homeschoolers. So I went on a hunt last night and actually found the copy right laws and an article specifically for teachers. We as homeschoolers are teachers are we not.
I am no lawyer and am not even going to try to post what I think it means. I have come to my own conclusions, but don't want to even post that so that I'm not held reliable for anything. I am just posting it for your reading pleasure and for you to make your own conclusions.

This first link has a complete version of the US copyright law.

Under chapter one there are 3 sections that have to do with the textbook copyright.

Sections 106, 106A, and 107.

And this link is a circular titled Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians.
Page 7 has an excerpt on "consumables".
Hope this helps everyone out.







Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The New and Improved Homeschool Planner


Putting together my own planner in a binder worked out great, so like they say, don't mess with a good thing. I only had to make a few minor adjustments this year for it to be ready. I took out all last years paperwork and put it into a portfolio. (We aren't required to do portfolios with the option I chose, but I like to have it just in case. I also add a few things so it's more personal for us.)
Then I took out my Master Copy binder (you eventually realize I have an obsession with binders, lol) and copied new sheets that I would need for this year. I put this together because honestly I don't want to come back the next year and not be able to find a printable that was really working for me and have to spend hours looking for another one.
  I went Tina's new blog and chose a new cover just to keep things fresh. I put the old one in my Master Copy binder since I liked it so much.

   The next section had been my Me section. It was a section that didn't get a whole lot of use, so I changed it to the Personal section. In the Me section I had my daily to do list and such, the new Personal section is my area where I put random things I need for school. I have our printables for the first day of school ready and waiting. I also have our school IDs I printed out but haven't laminated yet and few other lists I made.
   The next section had been the Calendar section, it is now the Calendar: Daily/Weekly section.
It contains a new calendar (still liking the book type calendar) as well as our daily school schedule, attendance record, grade sheet, P.E. log, reading log, field trip log, and curriculum list. 

   The next section had been the Daily/Weekly section. Now it is Lesson Plans: Weekly/Yearly. It has my weekly lesson plan sheets that I transfer my lesson onto at the end of the week. This is where I got my attendance sheet, weekly plan sheet, and the six week planning sheet I converted into my subject planner.
   This subsection is where I planned out my entire year of lessons by subject. At the end of each week I take our next weeks lessons and transfer them to the weekly planner sheet. This allows for flexibility, yet still allows me to see what days we may be doing what.
   This section is the same. It is my Curriculum section. Because I am a planner, I have several grades ahead tentatively planned out, as well as a list of curriculum's I may want to use. When I'm ready to plan the next year I can look and already have a general idea of what I may be ordering. At the end of the school year (sometimes way before lol) I will make my final decisions and I can hit EBay and other places to look for deals. Deals are awesome, just saying!
   This next section was called Testing and Assessment. I changed it to Current HS Info. I keep a copy of our state laws, a copy of both options, and now our registration confirmation letter there.
   And for my last section, it also stayed the same. This is my receipt section. I keep all my school related receipts. This past year we found out we could turn them in when we did our taxes and we able to get half of what we spent back. Good thing I had kept the receipts. This was a blessing. We put it right back towards school and was able to get a much needed book shelf for our school area.
There you go. My new and improved Home school Planner!



Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum

Curriculum for Second Grade: Kk

Bible: Bible Truths: A Servants Heart (Bob Jones)

Math: Arithmetic 2 (Rod and Staff)

Language Arts: Phonics, Reading, and Spelling 2 (Abeka)
and A Reason for Handwriting: Transition (CBD)

History/Geography: Heritage Studies 2 (Bob Jones)

Science/Health: Apologia Zoology 1 (CBD)

Health, Safety, and Manners 2 (Abeka)

PE: The Ultimate Home school Physical Education Gamebook (CBD) and we will be using Just Dance for Kids for the xbox Kinect, during those rainy cold days we just can't go outside. She may also be in dance, that one is still up in the air.

Art: Abeka Art Projects 2

Music: Guitar for beginners (CBD)

French: The Easy French: Junior

Music and French will be switched every two weeks (this can be changed if it doesn't work) because daddy will be doing music with her when he is home from work.

Reading List: (Abeka)
Story Tree
Treasure Chest
Paths of Gold
Growing Up Where Jesus Lived
Hidden Treasures
No Longer a Nobody
Sunshine Meadows
Silver Sails
All Kinds of Animals

I have also pulled out HOH curriculum I had bought when Kk was little. We will be trying it for Noah this year to give him something to do also.

I am linked up at iHomeschool Network's Not Back to School Blog Hop. Feel free to hop on over and check out more homeschoolers curriculum lineups for this year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting Started Homeschooling

    The very bascis of getting started is finding out your state laws, checking into your child's learning style, looking into your teaching style and what homeschool method you would like to use. Once you have these things figured out it makes it easier to search out curriculum geared toward those choices.

State laws:
Hslda has this map listed below and they will send a pdf of your state laws to you when you put your name and email address into their form.


States requiring no notice: No state requirement for parents to initiate any contact.
WATCH States with low regulation: State requires parental notification only.
UPDATE States with moderate regulation: State requires parents to send notification, test scores, and/or professional evaluation of student progress.
UPDATE State with high regulation: State requires parents to send notification or achievement test scores and/or professional evaluation, plus other requirements (e.g. curriculum approval by the state, teacher qualification of parents, or home visits by state officials).

Bridgeway Academy has good summaries of laws and compares each states options to each other.

Child Learning Styles:
 There are 3 main learning styles, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

- Visual: Visual learning is a teaching and learning style in which ideas, concepts, data and other information are associated with images and techniques.
- Auditory: Auditory learning is a learning style in which a person learns through listening. An auditory learner depends on hearing and speaking as a main way of learning.[1] Auditory learners must be able to hear what is being said in order to understand and may have difficulty with instructions that are written. They also use their listening and repeating skills to sort through the information that is sent to them.[2]
- Kinesthetic: Kinesthetic learning (also known as tactile learning) is a learning style in which learning takes place by the student carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration. People with a kinesthetic learning style are also commonly known as "do-ers".

The first year we began homeschooling was in kindergarten and was quite difficult. She had just gaduated from headstart and I wasn't sure where she was or what she had or hadn't learned. I also didn't know her learning style. Our day consisted of mostly worksheets and a lot of pulling teeth. Come to find out she already knew what I was trying to teach her and worksheets are not her thing. I finally figured out that she is kinesthetic, which most kids this age tend to lean that way anyway. She may or may not change as she gets older. When I looked into curriculum for 1st grade I limited the worksheets and bought curriculum that had hands on projects. This year has been a whole lot better.

Here is a fun quiz you may want to try to help give an idea of your child's learning style.

Teaching Styles: This is just a fun quiz, but it can give you an idea of how you may want to teach.

Homeschooling Methods: There are many different ways to homeschool. Below is a list of some popular methods used. A combination of the methods may also be used. Example I am a slightly school at home, electic mix.

Most of the curriculum I am familier with is christian/religious based because I was raised with it and now homeschool my daughter with it. There are other curriculums out there that are secular based but I am not familier with them. Please feel free to check into it yourself if what I have listed is not what you are looking for.

Bob Jones
Rod and Staff
CBD (is not a curriculum but a store with a wide variety of curriculums including indpendant ones. Great if you are electic.)

I will continue to add tothis post whenever I find something new.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Homeschool Planner

I decided for our homeschool adventure I would make my own planner instead of buying one, and now I want to share it with you.
 I took a 1 1/2 inch binder to start with. I bought two sets of dividers and printed most of my sheets off the internet.
This is the front of the binder. I found the cover here and
thank her so much for making these available.
The first section is my Me section. It is supposed to hold
my to do lists and daily schedule.
In all honesty I really don't use this too much.
I have an app on my phone that I use for my daily schedule.
I apologize for the polka dot dividers, this is what I had
at the moment. Hopefully next year I can get some new ones that can be seen.
This is my Calendar section. It holds the calendar and the attendance sheet. It also held
my husband's work schedule in it, but he now has a new job,
 and I've just wrote his new schedule into the calendar.
Here is the attendance record sheet to keep track of our days.
I found this sheet at Money Saving Mom.
Here is the calendar. I found this at Walmart and I absolutely love it.
It already has the holes to put it into the binder and the squares are large enough to
write several things down. No squished or itty bitty writing.

Here is my Daily/Weekly section.
It has our daily schedule, our weekly schedule, and our sheet for P.E.
This is my weekly schedule. I keep up with what needs to be done
on a day to day basis. Every week I fill out a new one.
This sheet was also found at Money Saving Mom.

This is my Curriculum section.
I have our course of study sheet, book lists, field trip ideas,
lessons planned out by subject, and future curriculum ideas.

This is my current subjects divided by subject instead of weekly lessons. I actually
do have this subdivided from the rest listed under curriculum.
Under this, each subject is planned out for the entire year. Each week I write, from here,
the lessons that need to be covered and write them onto the weekly sheet. If we don't complete something that week I can just write in the next week. I don't have to redo the entire years plan this way. The subject sheets have boxes to check just like the weekly sheets.
I actually need to rename this I think. Here is where I keep a copy of our state laws,
Tops info, Letter of Intent info and a copy of an example letter. When I labeled it I was thinking of end of the year test scores and any other testing that might be done. We just haven't done any of that yet.

And this is my Receipts section. I have a sheet protector in it and place all my receipts for all the supplies and books I get that year.
I like to have everything for that year at hand, so I dont have to go on a search for it if I need it for some reason.
At the end of the year I will be making a box to hold each years papers and receipts so that I can use the binder for the next year.
Here is the link for the Money Saving Mom printables:
Well there you have it. My own homeschool planner.